recent work
My Startup

Waxvine is based on my experiences working with design teams to develop strategies for creating, maintaining, and sharing design guidance. My goal was to create a product that can accommodate various types of documentation across industries and audiences.

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Billing Analytics

The goal of Globys’s flagship product allows large telecoms to better serve their business customers by enabling them to see their calling data in much greater detail. To ensure its continued success, I set out to create a vision for how this product will look and behave moving forward.

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Client Management

In an effort to expand Globys' product offerings I led the design efforts for a client management application. Designed for banking account managers, the application’s goal was to provide insight into what was happening with customers. My goal was to design a compelling product that was easy to sell and users would love.

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recent experience

Setting the vision for a content management platform for UX pros. Determining design direction, project priorities, and engagement strategies to acquire users and improve existing features. Defined brand voice and tone used throughout site and social media channels.

Senior UX Designer

Led the interaction design for new and existing products. Created an updated visual identity used to guide the company's design vision moving forward. Performed user research, interviews, and studies to produce an updated design strategy. Worked closely with product owners.

UX Specialist

Principle interaction designer for a redesign of the company’s website, a reporting application, and a customer-facing shipment tracking solution. Design lead for enterprise UI standards, ensuring consistency across business units by performing audits, providing guidance, and evolving the standards over time.

Chris Rouman

Chris RoumanI'm a user experience designer specializing in product development and design strategy.

I’m an agile evangelist and can’t imagine working any other way. I nerd out on fleshing out requirements, documenting stories, and really thinking through the tasks to create a mind-blowingly intuitive experience.

If there's time left, I might be skiing, cooking for friends, or mowing the lawn.