Chris Rouman

Seattle-based interaction designer hell-bent on creating mind-blowingly intuitive user-centered designs. Car buff. Wine enthusiast. Snappy dresser.

Recent Work

The goal of Globys’ flagship product allows large telecoms to better serve their business customers by enabling them to see their calling data in much greater detail. To ensure its continued success, I set out to create a vision for how this product will look and behave moving forward.

Managing clients properly can mean the difference between having a job or having the corner office. Developed for banking account managers, the application’s goal was to provide insight into what was happening with customers. My goal was to design a compelling product that was easy to sell and users would love.

Globys often needs to create solutions for both its client and its client’s clients. In this case, I designed UIs for displaying users’ usage activity and then some UIs for our client’s support staff to help out their customers when they need a little more help.

Recent Experience

2012 - today


Product Development

Senior User Experience Designer

Leaning hard on experience and Agile predilection, produce conceptual designs and prototypes for new product development. Iterate quickly, fail fast, ultimately succeed.

2005 - 2012

Expeditors International

Enterprise User Experience

UX Specialist

Lead the interaction design of a UI standards library, a reporting and analytics application, and an enterprise application suite. A proud design trifecta.

2004 - 2005

Keane Consulting

User Experience

Senior Consultant

Specialized in conceptual design, analysis, and prototype creation for up-and-comers like Honeywell and Best Western.

2000 - 2004

Z-Tel Communications

Core Products

Engineer 1

Maintained both development and design of existing website. Managed several projects including a rather complex C++ to Java conversion, that, as it turned out, nearly tripled customer capacity. Not bad.

I'm called Chris

I’m a Seattle-based user experience designer who specializes in interaction design, information architecture, and user research for web-based applications.

On the side, I'm building a cloud-based content management system for UX pros and their dev teams that will make creating standards libraries quick, easy, and shareable.

If there's time left, I might be skiing, cooking for friends, or mowing the lawn.